Character Name Change Coupon Policy & Guidelines

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The Customer Support Team is unable to process name changes upon request. However, Mabinogi offers a Character Name Change Coupon which allows you to change the name of your character. *Excludes pets and partner characters.

Before purchasing, you must agree to the Name Change Policy which includes information on limitations and conditions that may cancel your request if not properly followed.

Character Name Change Coupon

Must be at least cumulative level 500 when purchasing with NX Credit

A coupon that lets you change your character's name. Use it to change the name of a character on your account one time. After using it, you can proceed with the name change request on the official website. Each character can only change their name up to 5 times total.

Please read the below carefully before proceeding with the purchase.

1. Limitations

  • Name change requests will be completed every week during maintenance.
  • You will not be able to make a request for a name change during maintenance.
  • To be eligible for a name change, the character must be cumulative level 30 or above.
  • The character’s Cash Shop Inventory must be emptied before requesting a name change.
  • During the name change process, the affected character will be able to purchase and/or receive items from the Cash Shop. All items must be retrieved from the Cash Shop Inventory before the Character's name is changed during the next scheduled maintenance.
  • During the name change process, the affected character will be unable to purchase and/or receive items from the Cash Shop.
  • Names can be changed up to 5 times per character.
  • After changing a character’s name, you must wait 1 month before being able to change it again.
  • A name change request will be canceled if a character is under any of the conditions below:
    •      If a character is in a guild or is waiting to be accepted into a guild.
    •      If a character has a Seal Breaker Title. *Does not affect the G1 title, 'the Seal-Breaker of Another World'.
    •      If a character is married.
    •      If a character is in a family.
    •      If a character is waiting to be deleted.
    •      If a character is banned.
    •      If a character has a shop in the Marketplace, is currently bidding for a shop, or if a character has a shop item in the Marketplace inventory.

2. Warnings

  • If you have an item that was bound to you, but is currently unbound as a result of using a Trade Unlock Potion, the item will be bound to you again if you equip it after the name change.
    • Customer Support will be unable to help to unbind the item again. The item will need to be unbound again by using another Trade Unlock Potion.
  • If you change your character’s name, your partner’s likeability towards that character will be reset.
  • If you change your character’s name, any notes in the character's Notes Inbox will be lost.

3. Affected features

  • Character name in your character information tab.
  • Character name in your bank tab.
  • Character name in your Friends List.
  • Character name in the mailbox.
  • Character name in Tara Auction, Taillteann Farm, and Royal Alchemist.
  • Character name in Exploration Chronicles, Dungeon Rankings, Advancement Ranking, and Festia.

4. Unaffected features

  • Name of the character who found the Ruins.
  • Seal Breaker’s name.
  • Any items signed by a Crafter.
  • Character’s name on bound items.
  • Names on currently existing flyers.
  • Names on the Offering Board in Pontiff’s Court.
  • Notes that have been sent before.

5. Once Purchased/How to Reserve a Name Change

  • If you have available name changes (free or paid), navigate to the Name Change section of the website to confirm.
  • Name changes are NOT Immediate. They will be done during each Weekly Scheduled Maintenance.


Once purchased, the Character Name Change Coupon is applied to the account and will allow you to request a character name change for one character via the Name Change submission page. Please note, the Character Name Change Coupon will not be an item provided to you in-game.



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