[FIXED][Updated Oct 24th] Regarding Quests/Log-in Issues on Alexina

GM Lexiron -

Update (10/24 5:04PM PDT): October 24th's Scheduled Maintenance has completed, and the issue is now fixed. Affected characters may now log in and play as normal. Please check the character's quest log upon logging in.

If you feel there are any additional issues regarding your quest log or certain quests, please follow up with us again and provide the quest name and any supplementary details.

Thank you for your patience!


Update (10/23 6:43PM PDT): In October 24th's Scheduled Maintenance, we will be fixing the characters affected by the Quest and Login issues from Alexina Channel 4. We will send an updated response to your ticket with more details as soon as possible.

Update (10/23 10:02AM PDT): Channel 4 has been temporarily turned off as of 10/22 7:09PM PDT, and our team is still investigating the accounts affected by this issue. We apologize once more for the inconvenience. 

Update (10/18 12:55PM PDT): We are aware that affected characters may be unable to log into any channel, not just channel 4, at this time. Our investigation is still on-going into this issue; we will update this article as more information becomes available.

The Game Team is currently investigating an issue affecting players on Alexina that results in an inability to log into channel 4, and causes random quests to appear in the quest log. Affected players should still be able to log into other channels. 

If you are having difficulty logging into Alexina, please attempt to log in using another channel.

If you believe you are experiencing this issue, please submit a ticket via our Support Center with the following information:

Title: Alexina Quest Issues
Type: Gameplay → Dungeon / Quest / Raid
Please include your character name and an un-cropped screenshot of the game showing your quest log.

Thank you for your understanding while we investigate this issue. We will update this article and any submitted tickets with additional information as it becomes available.

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