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Mabinogi had a server merge on June 3rd, 2019 where the Mari, Ruairi, and Tarlach servers were merged into the Nao server. Any duplicate character names across these servers had the character's name changed to include a "+server" tag. Follow the details below for more information on how to change your character's name if your character is affected.

  • The number of name changes available to you depend on how many characters on the account are affected by the "+server" tag.
    • Please note: All Free available name changes were already applied to affected accounts following the server merge.
  • Using the "Free available" name change, you may request a name change for any character on the account through the Name Change submission page on the Mabinogi website.
  • When submitting a request, click "Check Availability" first to check the name's availability, then click "Confirm" to reserve the name. 
    • If "Confirm" is not clicked, the name will not be reserved.

When requesting a name change using the "Free available" name change, the request will still fall under the Name Change Policy which includes information on limitations and conditions that may cancel your request if not properly followed.

Please review the Name Change Policy here or on the Character Name Change Coupon web page. 

  • During the name change process, the affected character will be able to purchase and/or receive items from the Cash Shop. All items must be retrieved from the Cash Shop Inventory before the Character's name is changed during the next scheduled maintenance.
  • During the name change process, the affected character will be unable to purchase and/or receive items from the Cash Shop.

A name change request will be cancelled if a character is under any of the conditions below:

  • If a character has a cash shop item in cash shop inventory.
  • If a character is in a guild or is waiting to be accepted into a guild.
  • If a character has a Seal Breaker Title.*Does not affect the G1 title, 'the Seal-Breaker of Another World'.
  • If a character is married.
  • If a character is in a family.
  • If a character is waiting to be deleted.
  • If a character is banned.
  • If a character has a shop in the Marketplace, is currently bidding for a shop, or if a character has a shop item or money in the Marketplace inventory, including from expired Marketplaces.

Name changes are NOT Immediate. They will be done during each Weekly Scheduled Maintenance.




If you are encountering an issue when trying to reserve a name through the name change submission web page, please submit a support ticket with the following information:

  • Ticket Title: [Name Change Error] Character Name
  • Current Character Name
  • Server:
  • Screenshot of the name change error message.

(If you are experiencing this issue on multiple characters, please submit a separate ticket for each character with the above information.)

We apologize for the inconvenience this issue may cause, and thank you for your patience.


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