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Update 5/30: We have produced a second Server Merge FAQ, located here.

(Please read the original announcement post here!)

Q: When is the server merge?
A: The anticipated server merge date is Monday, June 3rd, 2019.

Q: Which servers are merging? Why?
A: Mari, Ruairi, and Tarlach will be merged together into a new server, the Nao server. Once the three servers are merged, the population of Nao and Alexina will be similar.

Q: Will my character name be changed during the merge? What happens if there are multiple characters with the same name?
A: Characters (pets, partners, characters) with duplicate names will have their name changed to 'Name+Server', e.g. Name+Mari, Name+Ruairi, Name+Tarlach.

  • A duplicate name can be a pet, partner, or character name, across these three servers.
  • e.g. If a pet is named 'Potato' on one server, and a character is named 'Potato' on another server, both names will be changed.

However, if there are no duplicate character names, the character name will remain unaffected.

Q: Will I be able to change my character name?
A: We are working on bringing the name change option for character names after the merge. More information on this option will be provided in a future update.

Q: What happens if an account is inactive during the merge?
A: All accounts will be merged. However, pet names on inactive accounts will be renamed.

  • An account is considered inactive if it has not logged in since June 3rd, 2017.
  • The pet names will be changed to a sequence of numbers such as, Pet000000 ... Pet123456.

Q: Will I be able to change my pet's name? 
A: The pet name change option will not be available at this time.

Q: Will anything happen to my items if my name is changed because of the merge?
A: Your items will be merged normally, even if the character name is changed, however please note the following regarding character exclusive items:

  • If you have an item that was bound to you, but is currently unbound as a result of using a Trade Unlock Potion, the item will be bound to you again if you equip it after the name change. The item will need to be unbound again by using another Trade Unlock Potion if so.

Q: Will anything happen to my pets if the pet name is changed because of the merge?
A: You will be able to summon and interact with your pets as normal even if their name is changed. However, if a partner character's name is changed, the partner's likeability toward your character will be reset. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Q: Will anything happen to my Homestead? 
A: Homestead content will be merged. However, duplicate homestead names will be changed to 'Homestead Name+Server Name', e.g. My Sweet Home+Mari.

Q: Will my guild name be changed?
A: Guild names will not be changed, as guild names are unique across all servers.

Q: What happens to my guild stone location?
A: All guild stone locations will be removed during the merge, and the guild stone will need to be placed again by the guild leader after the merge.

Q: What if I am in a Guardian Guild prior to the merge?
A: Any current Guardian Guilds prior to the June 3rd merge day will be reset.

Q: What happens to the contents in my bank?
A: Any gold and items in the bank across the three merged servers on an account will be merged. If the amount of gold in the bank exceeds the account's bank limit, gold cannot be deposited into the bank.

Please be advised that the account's bank password will be reset and can be changed after the merge.

Q: What happens to items that are left in the Auction House?
A: Auction House contents will be merged, however please be advised if you have items in the Auction House across characters on different servers on the account, the items may be lost. We strongly suggest to retrieve any items placed in the Auction House inventory, so that any items are not lost.

Q: What happens to items that are left in the cash shop Item Shop Inventory?
A: The items in this inventory will be merged, however we strongly suggest retrieving any items from the Item Shop Inventory before the merge date on June 3rd so that any items are not lost.

Q: What happens if I have a Shop in the Marketplace (formerly Housing)? What about the items that are left in the Shop Inventory?
The Marketplace contents will not be merged. We advise not to bid on a Shop prior to the merge. The option to bid on a Shop will be temporarily turned off with the May 16th maintenance, until the merge date. We strongly suggest retrieving any items placed in your Marketplace Shop Inventory or any items in the 'Retrieve Items' menu accessed through the Marketplace bank NPC before the merge date on June 3rd so that any items are not lost.

Q: What contents will be reset with the merge?
A: The following contents will be reset with the merge:

    • Festia Weekly Ranking Board
    • MabiNovel Bulletin Board
    • Bard Bulletin Board
    • Fashion Contest Winner
    • Royal Alchemists and Upgrade Methods found by Royal Alchemists.
    • Seal Stones
      • The Seal Stones will need to be broken again in the new server, granting the respective Seal-Breaker titles to the character who breaks the seal.
      • Characters who obtained the Seal-Breaker title previously will still be able to use the Seal-Breaker title.
    • Though all events should end before the merge date, please be advised that the main character selection will be reset.
    • General UI saved settings will need to be reset, including hotkey bar placements, extra skill slots, and saved pet organization and tabs.
      • We know this can be an inconvenience, so we sincerely apologize in advance! We strongly suggest to take screenshots of your hotkey placements so you may set up your hotkeys again once the merge is complete.


If you still have questions, please send us a ticket through the Support Center with the following title: "Server Merge Question"!

You can also keep an eye on the official Mabinogi website for more news and updates, join in on the discussion on the official forums, or join our official Discord server for live updates and discussion!


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