I bought an item from the cash shop but can't locate it on my account!

GM Mewlynne -

There are a few different places where a cash item may be stored after purchasing it! 

Character, Pet, and Partner Character Cards

When purchasing a Character Card, Pet Card, or a Partner Character Card, these cards will be directly sent to your character selection screen when purchased. You will need to select the card and create the character through the character selection screen.

If you aren't seeing the card, make sure to sort your character selection screen properly. Check the "View All" box to see every character and card on the account. Or simply check a box type for the Race (i.e. Pet) and the box type "Card" to be able to see any un-used cards on the account!


If you still aren't seeing the item, the pet purchased may have been a pet whistle! Check your Item Shop Inventory (more info below!)

Web Shop

For example, if you purchase any item on the Web Shop then you will be prompted to select which character you want the item on. Please be sure to select the correct character from the drop down menu after selecting the item you wish to purchase.


After the item has been purchased, it will go into the Item Shop Inventory of the character you've selected to receive the item. 

You can access this Inventory in-game by selecting the 'Gift Box' icon on the in-game task bar.In-gameShop1.png

Then, it will show the item purchased under the "Item Bought" tab where you can retrieve it and add it to your character's inventory.


If you're not seeing an item purchased on the account, it may have been sent to a different character. Be sure to check each character's Item Shop Inventory if you forgot to choose a character when first purchasing the item. If a character is undergoing the tutorial, you must complete the tutorial first to open up the shop inventory.

In-Game Shop

The in-game shop can be accessed by clicking "Go to Shop" through the Item Shop Inventory. Any items purchased through the in-game shop will go to the Item Shop Inventory of the character you're logged into when purchasing a cash shop item.

Point Shop Inventory

Sometimes, there are limited time sales in the cash shop which utilize the "Point Shop Inventory".

For example, items that have a "Bonus Point" reward will utilize this Point Shop Inventory, and all items received from the Gachapon box will be sent here, like the Winter Festival Pet Box (2018).


You can access the Point Shop Inventory to view the items purchased and received by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" icon in the top right of your Main Inventory tab.


Up to 300 items can be stored here.


Having trouble purchasing an item? There are some restrictions on items. Please view this article for more info: Why can't I purchase an item in the cash shop?

If you're still having trouble locating an item that you've purchased, please click "Submit a Request". Title your ticket with tag, "[Cash Shop Purchase]" and include the name of the item you were trying to purchase in the title.

Example Ticket Title: [Cash Shop Purchase] Dye Ampoule

In the body of your ticket, please provide the time the item was purchased as accurately as you are able to. If you have the Transaction ID from your account's Purchase History, please provide that as well.

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