Having issues getting a skill quest?

GM Mewlynne -

If you are having issues getting a skill quest, it could be due to having another 'Advanced' skill quest in progress. Players can only have one 'Advanced' skill quest at a time. This only counts towards skill quests you receive when talking to a NPC. Certain quests include:

  • Acquire the Ice Spear skill book
  • Learn Arrow Revolver
  • Learn Fireball
  • Rank up your Shock skill to F.
  • Creating Harmonies with Empty Bottles
  • Earn Thunder Skillbook.
  • Artifact Investigator

You will need to complete the current quest you are on before receiving another quest.

What about other skill quests, like the Talent story quest lines?

For new characters, you may also need to finish your tutorial quest line before receiving any skill quest lines, like the Ninja, Puppeteer, or Chain Slash talent story quest lines. You must complete the Lorna and Pan's Fresh Start Tutorial [Guide] quests. You can find the Guide quests in your "Basic" tab of your quest log. Once completed, you will receive the Talent questline if your character has chosen to rebirth into one of these respective Talents.

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