Enforcing Block Against Third-Party Programs and Mods

Lead GM Cicada -

Beginning on May 12, 2016, a number of Third-Party Programs and Mods will be blocked when attempting to run Mabinogi. Once a third-party program or mod is detected, the game client will disconnect, and you receive an error message when attempting to log back into the game.

Full information against the use of any third party programs or mods is outlined within the Nexon America Code of Conduct.

You can find this information in the following section of the Nexon America the Code of Conduct:

Section 3. Cheating

  • You will not modify the software made available to you, either as part of a game or an interactive service, to change the service. This includes, without limitation, creating cheats and/or hacks or using third-party software to access files we make available to you.
  • You will not reverse engineer, packet sniff, decompile or disassemble all or any portion of our games or interactive services.

To regain access to Mabinogi, it may be necessary to uninstall any and all mods before attempting to log-in. Further, a clean installation of Mabinogi is recommended to your computer.

We apologize for any inconvenience that you experience as a result of this change.

We look forward to making Mabinogi the best gaming experience for everyone, and would like to thank you for your continual support of Mabinogi.

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