I'm missing an item and can't find it!

GM Mewlynne -

When Rebirthing, any equipped items are un-equipped upon entering the game. Many of these items will be moved to the first open inventory space, or into an equipment bag.

However, exclusive items that are bound to your character will be moved into the "ME" Inventory Tab.

For a general missing item inquiry, here are a few common places your item may be stored.

  • Check your "ME" inventory tab or "VIP" inventory tab to locate your missing item.
  • For Clothing items, check your Dressing Room! This is found by clicking on the "Pon" icon on the bottom of your in-game taskbar, which is the 4th icon from the left. (Default Hotkey 'Ctrl+=')
  • Be sure to check your "Soul Stream Inventory" as of Mabinogi's Potential System Update! You can find this inventory space located in your Main Inventory window. Click the feather icon next to the "Hourglass" icon at the top right of your main inventory to open the Soul Stream Inventory, which acts as another inventory bag space for your items.


  • You could also check your "Extra Equipment Slot" tab for your items. You can click on the icon that looks like two swords with a check mark to open up the Extra Equipment Slot menu. Please view our article here for more information: What is the Extra Equipment Slot?
  • Purchased a Gachapon item and can't find it? Check your Point Shop Inventory by clicking the 'Shopping Cart' icon.
  • What if I accidentally dropped my item, or sold it to an NPC? You can submit a ticket to us so we can further investigate if the item can be recovered.
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