I have a specific game-related question I can't find the answer to.

GM Mewlynne -

Check out the official Mabinogi forums!

Mabinogi has a very active and helpful community; connecting with veteran players is a great way to learn about the game's many intricacies.

Join the Mabinogi Discord Server! Receive real time announcements and updates from Nexon staff and our volunteer moderators, as well as interact with over 2000 players across all 4 servers. Questions, concerns, or discussions about the game are always welcome! More information can be found in the Discord server's "Rules, Info and FAQ" section once you've joined.

Feel free to browse some of our listed Mabinogi Fan Sites on our main website, including the Mabinogi World Wiki, which is recommended by players for quick help and detailed information regarding quests, skills, items, and more!

Lastly, of course you can submit a support ticket so our Mabinogi GMs can further assist you with any question or concerns. :)

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