I spent AP on a skill, but now I’ve changed my mind. Can I get my AP back?

GM Mewlynne -

Unfortunately, once you’ve spent your AP (Ability Points) on a skill, you can’t get the AP back without using a Skill Reset Capsule or performing a skill reset through Duncan.

Any player can speak to the NPC Duncan in Tir Chonaill with the button 'Reset Skills' to perform an All Skill Reset, resetting all of their skills back to rank F. Any AP spent on skills is refunded, but any stats and skill effects provided by the skill are taken away.

Players above total level 1000 must pay a gold fee that gets higher every time you choose to reset your skills again.

Players that do not have a character on their account above the total level 1000 can freely reset their skills at no cost.

You can purchase Skill Reset Capsules in the Web Shop for 2,500 NX each.

  • Each Skill Reset Capsule can downgrade a single trained skill by one rank, returning your AP for that rank.
  • Skill Reset Capsules can only be used on skills that are rank E or higher.

All Skill Reset Capsules sometimes come from events or certain gachapons and can be used to reset all of your skills.

Resetting your skills will not get rid of the training it took to rank the skill, so feel free to rank it back up later! However, any partial training you may have had on a skill will be lost.

  • Any Master titles for a skill you may have will be reinstated back to you once you re-rank up your skill.
  • Any skills that you have ranked up to a Dan rank will be able to be ranked up again after the reset.
  • Talents that you have a Grandmaster Talent of will return to you once you've re-ranked your skills back up for that talent.


PLEASE NOTE: Any AP used when using the "AP Training" button on your skills will not be returned when you perform an All Skill Reset, as this AP is going towards your skill's training experience, and not the AP required to rank up the skill. Only the AP required to rank up the skill to the next rank will be returned.

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