How does Hero Support work?

Lead GM Cicada -

When a character is created or Rebirthed into one of the five Hero Talents, the Hero Support system becomes available. It costs 39 Pon to rebirth into a Hero talent.

After entering the game on a character that is using a Hero Talent, a window will appear asking if you would like to select one character to support. This character can receive up to 50 Ability Points each week from the character using a Hero Talent.

Every level that the character with a Hero Talent gains a counter is added (to a maximum of 50) for the week. On Saturday at 12:00 PM Pacific time you can log into the supported character to claim the accumulated support AP. This coincides with the time that your character becomes one year older. After, the counter is then reset and more levels can be gained for the next week.

If a Rebirth is performed at the time the character should receive the support AP, then the support AP may not be received and the counter will be reset.

If the character selects a talent that is not a Hero Talent, then they will lose the benefits of the Hero Support.

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