What is the Extra Equipment Slot?

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The Extra Equipment Slot allows you to easily switch out between different equipment and weapon sets! 

How do I open up the Extra Equipment Slot menu? 

Open up your main inventory window. At the top right of your main inventory window, there are a few icons. Click on the icon that looks like two swords with a check mark to open up the Extra Equipment Slot menu.


The tab is locked, how do I unlock it?

Extra Equipment Slot Coupon (30 Days) 


To use the Extra Equipment Slot menu, you must first purchase the Extra Equipment Slot Coupon (30 Days) for 3,900 NX in the Cash Shop. This will allow you to use the Extra Equipment Slot tab for a duration of 30 days.

This service is similar to the Style Tab, in which you must purchase access using Pon to use the Style tab for 30 days.

When the 30 day duration expires, the slots are locked and you would need to purchase another coupon to continue to use the Extra Equipment Slot.

How do I remove my items from the slot?

If you do not wish to purchase another coupon, you can take your equipment out of the slots even if the menu is expired. A Notice message will pop up saying "You need to purchase an Extra Equipment Slot Coupon." with the options "Go to Shop" and "Cancel". Click on Cancel.

Your items will be grayed out and the tab will show a lock, but you can pick up your items out of the slot normally.



Extra Equipment Slot Expansion Coupon


The Extra Equipment Slot Expansion Coupon allows you to add additional tabs to your Extra Equipment Slot menu. You can purchase this coupon for 12,900 NX in the Cash Shop. You may only use up to two coupons to add up to seven additional tabs to your Extra Equipment Slot, for a total of 8 tabs. The first tab is given to all players, but you must still use the Extra Equipment Slot Coupon (30 Days) in order to use any tab.

Note: You must also use the Extra Equipment Slot Coupon (30 Days) first before using the Extra Equipment Slot Expansion Coupon to add any additional tabs.



How do I use the tab to switch out my equipment?

You can place your equipment in the slots like your regular Gear tab in your main inventory. You will only have room for one set of weapons per tab, as there is no auxiliary slot for weapons in the Extra Equipment Slot tabs.

You can assign a name to your tabs by clicking on "Set Tab Name" and edit your Hotkey Settings by clicking on "Hotkey Settings"

For example, we've set our hotkey to be the number pad key "NUM1" for Equipment Slot tab 1.


When pressing the hotkey "NUM1", any items equipped in the Gear tab of your character will be switched out for all of the items that are in the Extra Equipment Slot tab "1". 

The items that were in your character's Gear tab are now stored in your Extra Equipment Slot tab "1". 

If you want to switch back to your items that were first originally in your gear tab, you would press "NUM1" again or press another hotkey to switch to a different set. :)


A red check mark will be added to the Tab currently in use.


For example, these tabs are named "Buff" and "Dmg". The "Buff" tab has a checkmark on it, which means the tab is in use and the items that were stored in this tab are now currently equipped in the character's Gear tab.

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