Why can't I purchase an item in the cash shop?

GM Mewlynne -

When trying to purchase items in the web-shop using NX Credit, I'm getting this error: "50045:LevelRestriction"

The 50045:LevelRestriction error indicates that your character is not a high enough total cumulative level for the item you're trying to purchase. Some items have a NX Credit level restriction; the lowest level being lvl 30, and the highest being level 300. Using NX Prepaid does not have a level restriction. 

Some items with a level 30 level restriction include Booster Packages, Enchant/Repair Protection Potions, and select Homestead and Hairstyle Storage Coupons.

Some items with a level 100 level restriction include Dyes, select Potions, Extra Equipment Slot Coupons, and Dragon Summoning Scrolls.

Some items with a level 300 level restriction include Gachapons and Reforging Tools.

You can see the level restriction in the in-game webshop.

"Lv 30 Over"


"Lv 100 Over"


"Lv 300 Over"


"Lv 32000 Over" The Pet Adoption Medal has a very high level set for it to be able to be purchased with using NX Credit. This is because the item may only be purchased using NX Prepaid, unless of course, you're over total lvl 32000. :)


When completing a purchase from the Web Shop on our website, your character's total cumulative level is shown in parentheses.

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