Error 50045:LevelRestriction?

When trying to purchase items in the web-shop using NX Credit, I'm getting this error: "50045:LevelRestriction"

This error means that your character is not a high enough level for the item you're trying to purchase. Some items have a NX Credit level restriction; the highest level being lvl 100, and the lowest being level 30. Using NX Prepaid does not have a level restriction. 

Some items with a level 100 level restriction include Gachapons, Dyes, and Reforging Tools.

Some items with a level 30 level restriction include Booster Packages, Enchant/Repair Protection Potions, and select Homestead and Hairstyle Storage Coupons.

You can see the level restriction in the in-game webshop.

"Lv 100 Over"


"Lv 30 Over"


When completing a purchase from the Web Shop on our website, your characters total cumulative level is shown in parentheses.

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