Issues seeing your NX on our site?

GM Rilard -

If you are having issues seeing your NX on our site, please try basic internet browser troubleshooting to see if it is a browser issue.

  • Restart the browser
  • Try deleting Cookies/Cache files in your browser
  • Try a different browser (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge / Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.)

If this still does not work for you, then you can follow the steps below to work your way around it.

  1. Log into your Nexon account using the Nexon Launcher or Steam.
  2. Launch Mabinogi.
  3. From the character selection screen, click the “Buy Card,” option on the task bar.


    4. From there you should see a web shop window like the following that allows you to browse through as if you were on the website.


Doing this should allow you to purchase anything you want as if you were on our website. 

If the NX is not available on your in-game account, you may have redeemed it on the wrong account. Submit a ticket using the support portal for further assistance. 

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